Staying on track while on vacation

Making Healthier Choices on Vacation

Are you planning to travel this Memorial Day weekend? Maybe you have a vacation in the upcoming Summer months. If so, you will want to prepare yourself and get in the right mind set to stay on track all while making the most of your trip.

While shopping, choose from the healthy ideas below to create your meals:

Snacks to Pack For A Road Trip

Have a Plan

It’s important to be mindful and have a plan in place to prevent overindulging with food and alcohol. We recommend looking at the restaurants menu early in the day to make the decision on what you will be having.

Be sure to stay hydrated and participate in as many physical activities as possible.

Here’s a quick tip from Dr. Crawford about planning.

Tips for Dining Out:

  • Avoid words that indicate an unhealthy option, such as “fried,” “crispy,” “smothered,” “creamy,” “loaded,” or “battered.”
  • Some menus offer lighter options that are lower in calories than most of the other items on the menu. Be aware that while these might be healthier options, they could still be higher in calories than meals you cook at home.
  • When your order arrives, ask for a to-go box. Portion out how much of each food you will eat, and put the rest in the box out of sight so you will not be tempted to overeat.
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