Weight Loss Injectables GLP-1 Agonists

Peptide Therapy


The physician-led team at FWL has over 15 years of experience with using medications to facilitate weight loss. Weight loss injections are becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. Our patients have shown promising results with this form of treatment.

Losing weight should never be based solely on dietary restriction. FWL teaches our patients how to eat in a manner that enhances metabolism to shed excess weight. The medications we utilize will help manage hunger and allow the body to more effectively process calories.

The GLP-1 agonists we may prescribe are Semaglutide- Wegovy, Liraglutide- Saxenda. These injectables are a new class of medication that is being used for weight loss. Saxenda and Wegovy are peptides- small chemical messengers that are used by the body to communicate from one site to another. Among its other functions, GLP-1 informs the brain that you have just eaten so your hunger is decreased. Normally, the signal only lasts for only a short interval, but when the amount of GLP-1 is increased by giving yourself an injection, your hunger is decreased throughout the entirety of the day. In addition, GLP-1 slows the emptying of your stomach so you feel fuller faster and longer when taking in a meal.

There are almost no side effects with this new medication except for mild nausea, and it is not a stimulant so those patients that have not been able to tolerate Phentermine can take Wegovy/Saxenda alone to help with their appetite.  If we decide that Wegovy or Saxenda is right for you, we will call the medication in to your pharmacy or provide you with a written prescription. 

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