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Losing weight and keeping it off just got easier. FDA-approved weight loss injections help patients make healthier food choices. These injections help to suppress appetite and reduce cravings. Weight loss injections are becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. Our patients have shown promising results with this form of treatment.

GLP-1 Agonists Mechanism of Action

GLP-1 agonists are small chemical messengers used by the body to communicate. They help manage hunger and calorie processing. Some common names for these injections include Wegovy, Saxenda, Mounjaro, Semaglutide, and Ozempic. Not all of these medications are approved for weight loss. Watch the video below for more information on approved weight loss injections.

The following methods are available for receiving your prescription

Name brand Saxenda or Wegovy sent to your preferred pharmacy.

Check your coverage for name-brand injections such as Wegovy or Saxenda by calling your insurance company or clicking the button below. Contact Us to make an appointment if you have decided on a name brand that best suits your needs. If we have submitted a prescription and your pharmacy is requesting a prior authorization, please click here.

Receiving Semaglutide from Figure Weight Loss

Patients can receive Semaglutide via telehealth or in-person at much lower costs than they would with name-brand medications. We carry Semaglutide in our office and can dispense it during check-out. We are also able to ship the medications directly to your home. Below you will find more information about receiving the medication by mail.

To inquire about pricing or for further information, please feel free to Contact Us

Semaglutide Injections Delivered to Your Door

We are pleased to present a variety of choices for delivering the medications. The initial choice allows you to have the medications shipped to you by Figure Weight Loss. Our company offers the most competitive price at a discount to our customers. If you would like more information please Contact Us

In addition to this, there is the option to purchase the medication from one of the compounding pharmacies with which we collaborate. This can serve as a substitute or backup should our office be short on stock. Prices are subject to change and can be discussed with the compounding pharmacy.

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