Stay Active During the Winter Months

Just because the cold weather is here doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising. Make a weekly workout plan and stick to it!

Here are some ideas

Bring the gym to your home. Use stretch bands and your own body resistance. There are plenty of work out videos and tutorials on Youtube. If you’ve been thinking about trying Pilates look for a beginner video.

If your workout playlist is old, make a new playlist to keep things fun & help stay motivated.

Go up and down stairs. You will get your heart rate up by climbing stairs for 5-8 minutes. This would be a great start to your day for a morning workout. Don’t forget to stay active through the day take the steps instead of the elevator or go on a walk around the office on your break.

Find an indoor pool and sign up for a water aerobics class. You can also swim laps or briskly walk around in the water to burn calories. A lot of community centers like the YMCA have adult recreation leagues. If you enjoy basketball or volleyball sign up to participate!

If you can’t bear the cold, try walking indoors. You could visit your favorite mall with a group of friends. Set a goal of how many laps you must take before you can make a purchase.

Get outside and take a walk through nature or have a snow ball fight with your family. Enjoy the beauty of the season.


Insulate yourself and your children well. Dressing in layers helps keep you warm. The top layer should be wind and water resistant.

Do not undress too quickly after coming in from the cold. Wait about 10-15 minutes before changing (if you’re not wet) so the body doesn’t experience post-exercise hypothermia.

Stay hydrated. You may not feel as thirsty, but drinking at least 64 oz of water is important when losing weight.

Spring and Summer will be here before you know it. If you want to look and feel great, don’t slack on your healthy lifestyle. If your just now starting, set short term goals. We have a full medical staff to help you create better habits & stick to them.

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