Left over Halloween candy ideas!

Left over Halloween candy can be tempting! The smaller versions of our favorite candy bars can still be calorie dense and are lacking nutrition.  Your kids simply don’t need that much candy.  We came across this “Switch Witch” poem that we love! Allow your children to pick out a few of their favorite pieces for the upcoming week and place the rest in the switch basket.  Ideas for replacements can be a toy or even passes to an upcoming event, like the festival of lights! This can be a memorable tradition that promotes sharing!

Now, what do you do with all of that candy you may ask? Here’s a few ideas!

Take out any Halloween-themed wrappers and donate to your local homeless shelter.

Still have a ton left over? Create candy bouquets! You can purchase the materials from your local dollar store! What a great Christmas gift for co-workers or neighbors!

Speaking of Christmas, you can set aside some of the left overs for stocking stuffers or gingerbread house decorations!

You can still enjoy the Holiday season, while making smart choices.  If you find that you’re struggling, make an appointment.  We’re here to help!