Patient Success: Wendy

My Name is Wendy Malone, I’m 55 years old and this is my story.

My daughter and her husband started coming to the Figure Weight Loss 4 years ago after having her first child. I was impressed how it showed amazing results for them. I’ve always been active, exercise every day and always on the go. I struggled the older I was getting to keep the weight off. My husband who also feeling the same as me decided on our anniversary July 25, 2019 we would start our journey together. We made the appointment for this day as we will always remember the date we started.


Weight Loss Patient Success Story


Our first appointment: July 25th


Body Fat%: 37.3%

July 26th: Started with a ¼ of the Phentermine, worked out, went to work, came home went through the cupboards and refrigerator got rid of all the bad items for me and my husband. Donate the can goods to a shelter and give the neighbors your bags of sugar, pancake mix etc. I’ve always drank plenty of water each day but upped it to 80 ounces of water. Not hard for me, I’ve been soda free for 9 years. The occasionally glass of wine and as we call it the “FOO FOO” drink at night was a NO for us. We didn’t miss it, because we knew it would set us back.

July 27th: ¼ of the Phentermine, went to the groceries together, picked out the foods recommended in the booklet provided. Find what works for you and stick with it. Slowly introduce new foods to the diet recommended.

I did the ¼ for of the pill for 4 days straight, then went to a ½ of a pill for 3 days, then started taking a whole pill after a week of my diet. The most exciting thing for me, I had more energy, was up at 6 am went to the gym, walked 4 miles on the treadmill, did a few machines and was home and showered and at work by 8. Packed my lunch for work, and a snack. Use the booklet for ideas.

I weighed myself everyday because I was excited and wanted to see if it was working for me. Each day the scale would show less. (some will say not to do this)

I travel with my job: It’s ok to say NO to big lunches and dinners, or be smart, utilize the small refrigerator in the hotel room. I had mine stocked with water, Almond Milk for my protein drink, cheese sticks, healthy snacks in my room. If I went out to eat with the group, I did a side salad with no dressing, asked for more lemons to squeeze on the salad.

Skip forward to the next visit: September 5

Weight Loss:  Down 17 pounds

BMI: 21.5

Body Fat%: 33.4%

Didn’t change a thing, said no to social drinks with friends, drank water instead. No large meals ate portion size’s using my hand as a tool guide. Exercise, exercise and drink more water.

I scheduled 3 visits to the Figure Aesthetics for the VelaShape. Heather was fantastic, I did my front legs and stomach. I saw results right away; I wanted my body to adjust with my weight loss. I highly recommend this, and you can’t beat the price, even Groupon can’t beat the prices.

Vacation Week: October 8-20th

My family and I went to Disney a few days then a 7-day cruise. My husband and I decided we wouldn’t change a thing; we weren’t going to starve ourselves or say no to all that food displayed everywhere you walk. We took protein mix, my husband even took a jar of peanut butter and crackers, (I know right). The minute we walked on the boat, everyone was running to the food, we were a party of 6, 4 adults and 2 children. We couldn’t find a place to sit first, overweight people taking to spots with 2 plates in front of them with mounds of food overflowing the plates made me realize, I love myself too much to ever let me get that way. I looked at my 2 precious grandbabies and thought to myself, I want to be around to hold their children. I never made it to the Breakfast, I made a protein shake every morning, went to the Fitness room, which was never crowded. I started my morning the same time as I did as if I were at home. Early riser and felt the energy all day long. My daughter got me a Rum drink and for the first time since July 25th, it didn’t impress me at all. I drank it slow, I realized at that time, I didn’t miss the social drink. I even tried a dessert and it was not good, that’s right, I didn’t miss it at all.

Skip forward to last visit: October 23

Weight Loss: Total of 24 pounds


Body Fat: 30.0%

I’m now back to taking a ¼ of the pill, when I feel the need. I am not changing a thing, I will continue to eat the same, exercise, drink plenty of water and say no to food or drinks that aren’t on my diet plan.

My advice:

Be Positive with yourself

Be Happy with yourself

Be Ready for the change

Love yourself, look after yourself, because no one can do it better than you.

Only you can do this, think of your future, how long do you want to live a healthy and fulfilling life?

Find someone to join the program with you and take this journey together. My husband and I are seeing results every day. Don’t be afraid to say NO to those who are trying to get you to eat or drink something you don’t want too. Some foods can be a drug for your body and hurt you in the worst way. The most important thing: Don’t tell anyone you are on this journey, let them see the results and compliment you. This will encourage you more to work harder knowing someone else is noticing the change. It’s like telling people you are trying to conceive a child, and everyone is asking you if you’re pregnant yet. Don’t tell them you’re on a diet, just tell them you are changing your way of living.

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I’m Wendy Malone, and this is my true testimony.