Losing Weight As A Team: The Key To Weight Loss Success

Team Characteristics Influence Weight Loss Achievement.

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Here at Figure Weight Loss we encourage our patients to develop a weight loss team or to find a partner to navigate this journey with. Statistics show people who have weight loss partners are 3x more likely to succeed & to reach their weight loss goal. Joining forces with friends & family not only increases the likelihood of reaching your goal, but it makes the experience more enjoyable.

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Competitive nature makes for greater weight loss intentions. Who doesn’t love friendly banter? Keep things light and fun.

Teammates sharing their favorite recipes with one another creates excitement. Schedule a game night or get together. Each person can make their favorite, healthy recipe for all to sample. Don’t forget to make copies of the recipes along with the nutritional information of your favorite dish!

Accountability may be the most important factor in your success. Dedicated communities achieve victory. You’re less likely to skip a scheduled appointment or workout with the help of your teammates. If your partner falls off the “weight loss wagon” motivate them to hop back on. Everyone can have a setback or a “bad month.” Make sure you have a strong support group to encourage improvement & offer help when needed, especially when your teammates are struggling.

Have some fun! Reaching your weight loss thresholds is something to celebrate. You can help your team or partner avoid celebrating with food by going shopping for a new outfit together or going out dancing to burn even more calories!

Who’s on your team?

Your spouse or significant other is one of the best teammates out there. When your working together to accomplish the common goal of a healthy lifestyle, you’re openly communicating and bonding. We’ve seen couples develop a stronger relationship along the way by spending quality time cooking or meal prepping together. It helps to talk about their struggles and how to overcome them. Don’t forget Figure Weight Loss has dietitians as a free resource to our patients. If you & your partner are struggling with behavior modifications, we can help you.

Biggest loser challenges between colleagues are a hit! Co-workers involved on a team find that employee morale and the overall atmosphere changes, not to mention the employer’s benefits of having a healthier & more productive workforce. Contact jhancock@fwlccm.com for information on corporate discounts & incentives!

Everyday we have groups of friends check in and out of our Practice together, always making sure to schedule their follow up appointments & to congratulate one another on their progress. Reach out to your friends and family who are motivated and serious about weight loss. Carpool in together to save gas and develop a plan for the next four to six weeks. Sometimes asking for help can be scary and make you feel vulnerable. Try offering help to others instead of just asking for it. They will thank you for the encouragement.

Your most valuable resource is FREE! Find your weight loss team… You won’t regret it!

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