Ask the Dietitian Series: The Keto Diet

We received a huge response from our Ask The Dietitians campaign on social media and through our email subscribers. As promised, we are addressing some of the most FAQ’s. In the weeks to come we will be posting comprehensive Blogs to help our patients have an overall understanding on the selected topics.

We were not surprised to receive a ton of questions about the popular Ketogenic or “Keto” diet. This is a topic frequently discussed with our providers here in the office.

In this video, Cheryl Stebbins, RDN, LDN will review the Ketogenic diet for those of you wanting more information on the topic. If you are considering trying the Keto diet or another new diet we recommend discussing it with one of our medical providers or your primary care physician.

Our physicians are board-certified in obesity medicine and can assist you with making any dietary change, one that will have a positive impact on your overall health. Weight Loss is not “one size fits all.” We can help you find the best routine, that will work for you and your lifestyle!

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