Frozen and Canned Goods: Quick and Healthy

Time seems to be one of the biggest barriers to healthy eating for many people. A common misconception is that healthy foods are time-consuming, or that there is only one way to “eat healthfully.”

Time seems to be the biggest barriers to healthy eating.

There are some “short cuts” you can take to help you put healthy meals on the table without too much time and energy. Using frozen and canned goods can be a quick way to incorporate nutritious foods into your meals. Frozen and canned goods are convenient and easy to prepare, take less time to cook, often cheaper than fresh, offer similar nutrition to fresh items and can be stored for longer time than fresh foods.

Frozen vegetables and brown rice are examples of healthy food choices from the freezer section. Always read the ingredients to make sure they didn’t add in unhealthy sauces, etc. Canned vegetables, tuna, and beans can help create a quick and healthy meal. It is best to choose “no salt added” canned goods when possible and rinse and drain those with added salt. The Canned Food Alliance is a great resource for items to keep on hand to help with meal preparation. The website also offers recipes about how to incorporate canned foods into your weekly meals.

So stock up on those frozen and canned goods when they go on sale. You will have a fast, cheap and nutritious meal on the table in no time!

Instead of one day, let today be your day!

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