Family Health Routines

Starting A Family Health Routine

Families that make healthy lifestyle choices together, stay healthy together. Try these small, lifestyle changes to improve the health of you and your family.

1. Add a few steps to your day

Most kids (and adults) don’t get enough physical activity. With hectic schedules, it may feel hard to fit in the recommended 60 minutes per day for kids and 30 minutes per day for adults. To save time, try the seven-minute workout below. No equipment is needed, and even preschool-age kids can join along.

2. Stick with a sleep routine

Both kids and adults benefit from a consistent bedtime routine and schedule. Incorporate the five B’s to make going to sleep a breeze.
Bathe – Take a bath or shower
Brush – Brush your teeth
Book – Read a book
Breathe – Take a few deep breaths
Bed – Go to sleep

Follow the same pattern at the same time each night and your brain will quickly learn the routine, making it easier to fall asleep.

3. Set down the screens

Avoid screen time within one hour of going to bed. The backlighting on the screens can make it hard to fall asleep. Also avoid screen time during meals. It interferes with the social quality of eating and can contribute to mindless eating. Instead, make a rule: No screens at meal times, sit at the table, savor the food and enjoy the company.

4. Stop when stressed

Practice mindful breathing (and teach your kids to do the same) during stressful experiences. Do this by practicing STOP when something stressful occurs:
Stop what you are doing
Take a deep breath
Observe what you are feeling

5. Celebrate success

The best part of setting health and fitness goals is achieving them. As your family makes changes to improve their fitness, remember to celebrate your successes. It can be as simple as a high five or “Great job!”

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