Transferring to Telehealth 

Figure Weight Loss synchronous televisits happen in live, real-time settings where the patient interacts with a provider, face-to-face via a Zoom video meeting.

To participate in this form of treatment, patients are required to use specific devices to provide our staff a visual of their real-time weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure and pulse measurements.

Please note weight loss injectables such as Wegovy and Saxenda do not fall under the same rules as phentermine (controlled substance)

Visit Cost $99

Medications are e-prescribed & patients will pay the pharmacy for the medications prescribed

Patients must have a BMI of at least 30 to be treated with Phentermine in the state of Ohio (some patients with certain comorbidities may be an exception)

In the state of Ohio providers can only prescribe 1 phentermine pill a day for 30 days. 

Figure Weight Loss must and will adhere to FDA prescribing guidelines.


You Must Call Your Pharmacy  

Call your preferred pharmacy to be sure they are aware of the recently updated law

Rule 4731-11-04 | Controlled substances for the treatment of obesity.

There is no longer a required 6-month break from phentermine as of 2/28/2023.


We advise you to inform the pharmacist you are an established in-person patient that would like to take advantage of the telehealth option for treatment due to distanced traveled.

Be sure to ask your pharmacist if their policy requires specific information from our providers to fulfill your prescription.

An example of this would be the patient’s current BMI or documentation of your weight loss progress.

This information will need to be given to our staff, so we can send the required information along with the e-prescription.

Once you have communicated the above information with your pharmacist, reach out to the telehealth team to inform us that you are ready to transfer from in-person to televisit appointments.

Phone: (859) 371-4555 Ext 149


Text: 1 (833) 513-4013