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The online treatment services offered by Figure Weight Loss include two of the most popular weight loss treatments available today. Identify which weight loss treatments you prefer and if you meet the eligibility requirements by completing the form below.

How Online Treatment Works

The information on this page highlights the weight loss treatments available, the cost, and the technology and devices necessary for patient participation. Text us! We can help you register for telehealth or answer any questions you may have.

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Online Prescription for Treatment with Phentermine
(generic Adipex)

Phentermine (also known as Adipex), a drug that was initially approved in 1959, is utilized in combination with diet and exercise to address obesity. The absorption of this medication by the body triggers the release of neurotransmitters, leading to a decrease in appetite and the activation of the central nervous system. In addition, some individuals may experience heightened energy levels when taking Phentermine. We offer comprehensive patient education on all aspects of using this medication. Our healthcare professionals possess extensive expertise and will provide you with detailed instructions and recommendations for taking Phentermine. During our video orientation, we equip you with knowledge and strategies to maximize the effectiveness of this medication and enhance your weight loss outcomes.

It is important to note that our providers are only able to prescribe 1 phentermine a day and will send the prescription to your preferred pharmacy. Patients are responsible for the cost of medications.

Name brand Saxenda or Wegovy sent to your preferred pharmacy.

You may be familiar with the medication names Saxenda or Wegovy. These medications are becoming increasingly popular for their effectiveness in promoting weight loss. They work by reducing calorie intake and inducing a feeling of fullness, thus aiding in weight loss maintenance. They are classified as GLP-1 agonists, which is a hormone naturally released during meals. In addition to promoting fullness, these drugs can also help in lowering blood sugar levels.
Check your coverage for name-brand injections such as Wegovy or Saxenda by calling your insurance company or clicking the "Check Your Coverage" button below.

If we have submitted a prescription and your pharmacy is requesting a prior authorization, please click here.

Devices Necessary

Digital Scale

(Amazon recommendations linked)
Each patient must have a digital scale that measures weight and body fat percentage.

Blood Pressure Monitor

At-home blood pressure monitor with a digital face in order to participate in televisits. Every visit, your medical staff is required to see your measurements in real time.


We use Zoom to host our online meetings, so you must have access to this platform on your desktop or mobile device. Zoom is free and easy to use.

Patients must register through our patient portal so that they can self-schedule and check-in for their televisits. Contact us if you are an existing patient that wishes to transfer to televisits.


A televisit cost $99. This includes the online visit and if applicable, an e-prescription sent to your preferred pharmacy. Patients are responsible for the cost of medications dispensed by their preferred pharmacy.

Payment is required when booking a televisit. FSA/HSA accepted.
Please refer to our telehealth payment policy for more information.

Our commitment is to provide our patients with quality care, comfort and convenience.
We are happy to offer West Virginia residents virtual treatment through telehealth services.

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