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Visit Costs and Commonly Prescribed Weight Loss Medications

Payment is required when booking a televisit. FSA/HSA accepted.
Please refer to our telehealth payment policy for more information.

Televisits cost $99.

An electronic prescription will be sent to your preferred pharmacy following your online visit. Medication costs at the pharmacy are the responsibility of the patient.

There are several advanced medications for the treatment of obesity that are prescribed by Figure Weight Loss providers, including Saxenda, Wegovy, and Phentermine.
The weight loss benefits of these medications can be enhanced with the guidance and treatment plans provided by our experts.

Check your coverage for weight loss injections such as Wegovy or Saxenda by calling your insurance company or clicking the "Check Your Coverage" button below.

How It Works

Required Devices

At each virtual visit, your weight, body fat percentage and blood pressure will be measured in real-time. In case you do not own the required devices, we have linked Amazon recommendations for quality and affordable options.

Digital Scale Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Measuring Weight and Body Fat % With a Digital Face for Readings in Real-time


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