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An affordable, online weight loss program.

Our simple program has been helping people lose weight for over 20 years.

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  • Physician-Supervised
  • HSA & FSA Accepted
  • No Subscription Required
  • IBS-friendly programs

Weight loss is hard,
but we’ve got your back.

So many things can stand in the way of your health, like time and effort. We wish we could tell you there’s a single magic formula for weight loss, but we can’t. Our physicians, dietitians, and staff want to see you succeed and will tailor a plan for your success. We want you to find a lifestyle, support and program that works for you. That’s why we’re offering an affordable, online weight loss option.

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Real people, finding a happier and healthier lifestyle with Figure Weight Loss.

Success Stories

“The staff is always so supportive. I never feel judged at Figure Weight Loss...even when I have fallen short of my goal. Gentle encouragement and education is how they help you to get back on track. Everyone wants you to be successful in meeting your weight loss goals. They provide the tools and guidance to help you be successful.”

“Highly recommend! They take their time you never feel rushed and they're always there to help answer any questions or concerns you have... If you're struggling with weight loss I would definitely recommend giving Figure Weight Loss a try! The providers are great.”

“I can’t say enough nice things about Figure Weight Loss. From your first point of contact, you will see how well this program is managed and the care that the medical staff shows to the patient. They all truly want you to meet your goal on your weight loss journey.”

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How Figure Weight Loss Works


Meet with a provider online

You’ll meet with a board-certified physician or nurse practitioner online, who will discuss your goals and conduct a simple medical evaluation.


Establish a plan

We’ll go over our weight loss program and set you up with realistic goals you CAN achieve. Appetite suppressant medication is often part of the plan.


Receive support every step of the way

Meet online with our dietitians for meal plans and recipes, get education from our staff, and start feeling healthier.

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What you’ll need for your
online weight loss program.

In addition to WiFi, here is the technology you need for online visits with your provider.

These two simple tools track measurements required for the program. We suggest buying one set per household for $220 during registration.


Qardio Base 2

Track your weight, BMI and body fat %, in the Qardio App.

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A blood-pressure monitor (model TD-3128)

This simple device syncs with the Qardio App to track your blood pressure measurements, and allows our staff to see your readings.

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Download Apps

Get Quardio to track measurements, and Get Zoom for video visits.

About Figure Weight Loss

Today, with the high costs of everything from food to gas, we want to make sure that price isn’t preventing you from becoming healthier. That's why we are offering an affordable online weight loss program. We’ll help you lose extra pounds quickly and safely. Through physician care, a medically trained staff, healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes, we know you can control your future and your health.

  • 20+ years weight loss success
  • Board-certified physicians
  • IBS + FODMAP trained dietitians

You deserve to start your future today.

Get all the details you need, so you can feel confident taking the first step.

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Have more questions about our medical weight loss program? We’ve got answers.

Is a monthly fee or a long-term subscription required?

No. You will be charged for your initial online visit when you register and schedule an appointment with one of our providers. After the initial visit you will only be charged a fee when you sign in for your follow-up visits.

How much does your program cost?

Your convenient, online patient visit with one of our providers is only $99. The appointment fee does not include medication, but will include a prescription (appetite suppressant) from one of our providers, if you qualify. The Figure Weight Loss Program will help you lose those extra pounds quickly and safely. Our Program focuses on the essential components needed to achieve healthy weight loss. Through comprehensive physician care, and a medically trained staff assisting you every step of the way, you will look and feel great! This coupled with lifestyle change and healthy eating habits will ensure sustainable weight loss.

What services are provided by the dietitians?

Our Registered Dietitians are experts in the use of food and nutrition to promote health and manage disease. They advise our patients on food choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle and achieve a specific health-related goal. The role of food in preventing and treating diseases, such as diabetes and obesity, is now well known. Our dietitians provide nutrition care that is personalized for our patients with or without various medical conditions to improve their overall health.

Our Registered Dietitians are available to help you on your journey toward a healthier you which includes meal planning, delicious and easy to follow recipes and tips on healthier choices when dining out.

Our Dietitians are also trained in IBS and FODMAPs.

The Dietitian’s fees are $150 per hour for the initial visit. Follow-up visits with our Dietitians are $65 per half hour.

Instead of one day, today could be your day one.

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