Patient Spotlight: Melissa

Her Testimony

In 2022 I was placed on blood pressure medication with my doctors belief it was hormone related. I didn’t agree. I knew it was because of my weight.
I had worked with Figure Weight Loss and had results with Phentermine/Adipex but living in northern Ohio I would only last a few months before life got in the way of making the 3-4 hour round trip.

Cut to 2023 and I get an email announcing FWL was starting telehealth.
I knew I had no more excuses.

In March 2023, Melissa Weighed 254.7 lbs At Her First Visit

Melissa Before
I started Phentermine and I had amazing results and by June 2023 I was down 45 lbs.
My FWL provider was happy for me and telling me how great I was doing.
I was less enthusiastic, she noticed and asked me why. I explained that I have been at this weight before but I hadn’t been below 200 lbs in 10 years

The provider told me about the weight loss injections Wegovy/Semaglutide

Melissa Began Dual Therapy Treatment With Both Medications, Phentermine and Semaglutide.

Melissa after

Today I am down 88 lbs and I'm so incredibly happy.

I’ve been off blood pressure medication for a month now and I have incredible energy.
My cholesterol is down and my fasting blood sugars have dropped considerably.
At 50 years old I am healthier than I’ve been in the last 15 years.
Thank you so much for your guidance Figure Weight Loss!

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