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Figure Weight Loss Patient Success & Testimonials!

Marquis -92 Lbs!

I would say since starting at figure weight loss has been the extra push I have needed to keep going and continue to strive.

Telisa -57 Lbs!

I started this journey in June 2023 for my health. After spending several years in a depression. I had lost several family members to cancer and other health issues. So, I don't think of this just as a weight loss journey; it is a health journey. I was pre-diabetic with my A1C at 6.9 in June 2023 and as of January 2024 my A1C is 5.8. My health journey really has made me feel so much better. I never realized that the food we eat makes a huge difference in the way we feel.

Kristy -64 Lbs!

I'm so glad I made the leap and started with Figure Weight Loss at the end of May 2023. I have tried all the fad diets countless times in the past only to gain the weight right back and more. Figure Weight Loss has taught me a sustainable way to lose weight, get healthy, and keep it off with the best and most knowledgeable staff in the industry!

Justice -25 Lbs!

Thanks to Figure Weight Loss, I am confident again!

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