How much weight should I expect to lose?
  • Weight loss varies based on a variety of factors; however, patients should expect to lose 6% – 8% of their body weight. Results may vary.
What is BMI?
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) is a standardized mathematical equation that relates your weight to your height. BMI provides a reliable indicator of body fat percentage and is used in conjunction with federal guidelines to determine if you qualify for our program.
What medications are prescribed on your program?
  • Our physicians may prescribe an appetite suppressant that will both increase your energy and reduce your hunger. Our medications are both FDA approved, safe, and prescribed under careful physician supervision.
How many meals are recommended a day?
  • Our program recommends 5-7 small meals a day. Smaller portions of healthy food throughout the day will help maintain your metabolism and assist with weight loss.
How much does the program cost?
  • New patients pay only $99 or less, which includes both the office visit and prescription medication. Figure Weight Loss offers incentives which can reduce monthly cost. See the incentive information for more details. Patients also pay a nominal fee for lab work one time per year.
Do you offer a military discount?
  • Yes, we offer a $10 additional discount for all active and retired military personnel and spouse. We do request a military ID.
Does Figure Weight Loss accept FSA/HSA cards or health insurance?
  • We do accept both Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) debit cards. We do not accept health insurance for our program. In many instances patients do not see much of a difference between the cost of our program and what their co-pays for both the office visit and medication would have been if insurance was accepted.
Is there a long-term commitment with your program?
  • No, patients can stop our program at any time.
How long will I be on the program?
  • The length of time patients participate in our program is dependent on a variety of individual factors and weight loss goals.
What medical experience do your doctors have?
  • All physicians are board certified and specialize in weight loss.
  • Prior experience includes family practice, emergency medicine in both public and private entities.
  • The combined experience is over 50 years.
  • Dr. Weckenbrock (our Medical Director) is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Family Physicians.
  • Our doctors are individually dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goal.
  • The doctors’ individual credentials can be found here: Our Physicians
How soon can I start the Figure Weight Loss program after having a baby?
  • You may start our program six weeks after giving birth, and you must be released by your OB GYN physician.
If I am currently taking phentermine can I still get another prescription filled at Figure Weight Loss?
  • It must be over 30 days from the time your phentermine prescription was filled before we can prescribe another new prescription of any of our medicines.
Do patients get an EKG at your practice.
  • We will perform an EKG in-house for patients with one or more of the following conditions: BMI of 50 or higher, for anyone who has passed out for no apparent reason, or the sudden death of an immediate relative. We do charge a nominal fee for performing an EKG.
What are your hours of operation?

Convenient office hours for each location are here.