Mommy Time – Treat yourself (and lose weight at the same time)!

Many moms struggle to find time take care of them. Here are suggestions to get some ME time in while the kids are at school.

Morning Walk

Get up early and take time to be alone before the family wakes up or go after you send the kids off to school. Not only will this wake up your mind and body, but this will give you some mommy time to reflect on yourself and what you need to do for the day.

Eating out

Find a restaurant that serves healthy food and make a ritual of going there (by yourself or with the family) once a week. This will give you that adult interaction that you can enjoy over a great meal.

Get active!

While the kids are at school don’t fall into the routine of sitting in front of the television. Keep yourself active by renting workout dvd’s from your library, go window shopping at the mall with friends, or do some yard work. You will feel better the more active you keep yourself.

Relax your mind

Find a yoga or some sort of meditation class. This will help you learn how to relax so you can handle everyday stresses with ease.


This is a great way for you to escape from your world and help others. You will feel more at peace with yourself and will help strengthen your mind and soul.