Lifestyle & Fitness: Lose it at Work…

Five ways to lose weight at work.

Give workplace weight gain the pink slip by employing these tactics for taking more steps, making healthier food choices, and managing stress, candy, and caffeine.

Break for stress.

Get in-tune with yourself. When you’re feeling frazzled and stressed… take a break. Try to take at least 5 to 10 minutes to get away from the cause of your stress. Get up and stretch, walk around, and/or refresh yourself with water. Use this as an alternative to allowing your stresses trigger your cravings which causes you to munch on foods that are not needed. By doing so you will stay in control, and make wiser decisions.

Pick tea over coffee.

Coffeemakers are as customary to the workplace as neckties and deadlines, but if your afternoon cup of java is loaded with caffeine, sugars and fats, you could be overloading your body with unneeded and unwanted calories. Satisfy yourself tea instead and get rid of the unwanted extras.

Hit up the water cooler.

When filtered water is available, people are more likely to drink it. Not only will you have to get up to fill your cup, but also water can help you shed pounds.

Snacking – healthy alternatives.

When your hunger starts attacking at 4 p.m., prepare yourself and munch on healthier snacks (trail mix, dried fruit, carrots, or nuts), that you’ve brought to work. Go outside to get some fresh air or get away from your work area. This combination will help you get rid of your cravings and you will decrease your overall fat and calorie intake because you did not go for that cookie, or piece of chocolate, or bag of chips.

Bring your toothbrush to work.

Not only does brushing at work fight cavities, but it helps to fight against cravings too. Getting your breath minty fresh will reduce your cravings and will make you think twice about putting unhealthy foods into your mouth.

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