Doctor’s Notes 3/12

Water: Weight Loss Wonder

Water is an important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off.

Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat. By drinking water before eating, it also allows you to fill up faster which in return, makes you eat less and lose more weight. Drinking water regularly can help muscles increase, fat to be lost, and skin to shine, creating a better version of the body you have.

Most people confuse thirst and hunger, often mistaking the former for the latter. Clinical studies have shown that 37% of people mistake hunger for thirst because the thirst mechanism is so weak. By doing so, the body is led to think that it needs food when what it’s really asking for is water. Moreover, the fact that the symptoms of dehydration (i.e. feeling weak, dizzy and cranky) mimic those of hunger contribute to people’s confusion between the two signals. When you are feeling hungry try drinking water first to see if this will satisfy those hunger craving.

The average recommended amount of water to consume is 64 ounces per day. Try to set goals for yourself to ensure that you are getting the recommended amount (Eight 8oz, Four 16oz. or Two 32oz. glasses/bottles) per day. Achieving this goal on a daily basis will allow you to give your body what it needs to be healthy.

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