5 Tips to Lose Weight on Vacation

Here are some tricks that will let you enjoy your vacation and not hate yourself when you get back home and step on the scale.

Walk everywhere.

Try to book a centrally located hotel that will let you walk around from place to place. This works great in cities. If you’re in a more country area, drive as needed but make sure you walk around a lot to the attractions you’re visiting. You can easily sneak three to five miles of walking into a day without really knowing it. That’s roughly equivalent to 300 to 500 calories.

Strategize your lunch.

Don’t eat empty calories from a bad lunch in an amusement park. Choose a deli meat sandwich or a grilled chicken sandwich if you can’t get a salad. Remember, you don’t have to eat all of it either. Skip the chips and sugary drinks and opt for water. If you’re hungry later, a small ice cream cone is okay.

Enjoy your dinner.

Get the steak, eat the lobster, have the chocolate cake for dessert. Relax and enjoy your meal and don’t feel even an teensy bit guilty! Try sharing the dessert, but really if you want the whole thing, go for it. The idea is on vacation you get to eat amazing meals at amazing restaurants. You should indulge yourself and your taste buds and enjoy it to the fullest. The healthy breakfast and lunch and all that walking will help offset your high calorie meal.

Schedule one “athletic” activity every other day.

There is so much to do on vacations; plan a hike, go cycling, run along a scenic route, play with your kids in the pool. Incorporate a fun one to two hour activity every other day to get your cardio in and have fun with your family while doing it.

Do crunches in the morning before you leave for the day.

A few crunches on the floor, maybe some oblique twists too, and you’ll be in the right mind set for the rest of the day. Crunches in the morning set the attitude of healthiness for the day. When you’re looking at that big wad of fried dough, you’ll remember the crunches and take a pass instead.