New Year… New YOU!

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Weight loss may be the most popular New Year’s resolution. Many people fail and fail fast. Studies show that most people quit working towards weight loss by the end of January. The experts at Figure Weight Loss can help you reach your health and weight loss goals in 2020!

Figure Weight Loss has helped thousands restore their health and confidence!

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Tips for a successful resolution:

Start with small realistic goals. During your visits, one of our Providers will set a small goal for you at each appointment. Work on that goal until it has become a habit and then take on the next achievable goal. For example, your first goal may be drinking more water. Half of your body weight in oz. is the daily recommendation. Once this becomes a daily habit and you’re not leaving your house without your water bottle, it’s time to take on the next goal. After your next visit, a new goal for you may be to start moderate exercise 3 days a week.

When you have a slip-up and you will, let us help you get right back on track. Don’t let a bump-in-the-road turn into a large mountain. Come in and visit one of our Registered Dietitians. They can help with customized meal plans and getting you back on track to a much healthier routine. Our Dietitians are one of our your best resources. Sometimes nutrition can be confusing. We’re all here to help you succeed!

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Allow yourself to have some of your favorite foods but in moderation only.

Let us help you develop a routine. This is what we’re here for! We can help you develop a functional routine for manageable and sustainable weight loss.

Figure Weight Loss has been KY’s leading non-surgical weight loss practice since 1999. Schedule your appointment today!


Physician Supervised program with prescription appetite suppressant assistance.

Access to Registered Dietitians, FREE for established patients.

Genetic Testing through RxPredict to give you personalized weight loss recommendations based on your genotype.

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