Carb Management

Formulated By Our Physicians For Our Patients


An Effective Product At An Affordable Price!

FWL CM Carb Management is a unique weight loss supplement formulated by Drs. Weckenbrock and Crawford for Figure Weight Loss Patients.

FWL CM allows the body to consistently and effectively regulate the various components of your metabolism and energy utilization. Starting with the regulation of carbohydrate absorption to their utilization for energy. FWL CM is the ultimate “Carb Manager”. Additionally, FWL CM contains nutrients vital to supporting the liver and its ability to turn stored fat into energy.

Ingredients and Benefits

These first four ingredients work together to decrease insulin resistance and aid in regulation of blood glucose levels.


  • Plant Extract found in European Barberry, Goldenseal and Oregon Grape among others
  • Works by activating AMPK
  • Regulates blood glucose levels
  • Has been shown to lower cholesterol
  • Helps to utilize dietary calories as energy
  • Can help regulate blood pressure
  • Anti-inflammatory

Coenzyme Q10

These next 3 ingredients together referred to as the “fat burner shot” when administered as an injection but have the same effect when taken orally. All three help the liver to process stored fats as energy.


This last ingredient is an amino acid that helps your metabolism by converting fat to energy.


“As Dr Weckenbrock and I have traveled to lectures and conferences and have researched on our own, we have come across a number of bioactive compounds that show promise in helping to lose weight. Unfortunately, we have never found a single supplement that had everything that we felt our patients needed and deserved … so we formulated our own, FWL-CM Carb Management.”