Success Story: Fancy

As a kid I was very active, participated in sports as one of the best. Had my first baby at an early age of 18 and gained WAY too much weight. By the time I was 23 I had 4 kids and was 100 pounds more than when I was 18. I held on to a few of my favorite outfits and promised myself that I would lose the weight and fit back into them. I tried everything. Starvation, fad diets, hard core exercising, water pills, weight loss shakes, prescription medication which cut out the fat but not the calories. I would lose 5-10 pounds and then slowly start gaining it right back. Nothing worked for very long so I would eventually give up. A co-worker that had been very noticeably losing weight told me about Figure Weight Loss. He said he and his wife had both been going and both were losing weight. I was skeptical at first but kept watching him get healthier and healthier. I talked to my husband and made the call. Here I am 7 months later and have lost about 95 pounds! My kids love it because I can do all the things they can do which has made playing with them that much better. My husband is enjoying it too. I always thought it wasn’t fair to him for me to gain all that weight but now I look like the girl he married 11 years ago! I can’t think Figure weight loss enough and I encourage everyone I care about to make that call. As for those old clothes, sure I could fit into them but now they are out of style so I get to do tons of shopping in the juniors section!

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