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Figure Weight Loss Cincinnati

Getting fit or losing weight can seem like a big challenge. But with the help of Figure Weight Loss, you can successfully achieve all of your weight loss goals. We offer a tried-and-true weight loss program to give you your best chance at achieving the weight you want.

Our Commitment to You

Figure Weight Loss has been the leader in non-surgical medical weight loss in the region since 1999. Our weight loss program in Cincinnati, OH, is affordable, safe, and effective. Additionally, our team of 85 staff members is committed to helping you throughout your weight loss journey. We’re dedicated to helping you lose weight in a safe and fast way so you can look and feel healthier without putting your body at risk.

During your first visit, you’ll meet with our attending physician for an initial assessment. We’ll answer any questions you have and discuss our weight loss program with you. You’ll have follow-up appointments every four to six weeks after your first visit. As we meet, we’ll discuss how our program is working for you and make any modifications as necessary.

We’re here to ensure your success, so don’t hesitate to tell us your concerns or let us know exactly what you expect from your weight loss journey.

Call us today at (859) 371-4555 to reach our facility in Northern Kentucky.